December 7, 2012
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Bah! A Letterpress Collaboration

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies has recently launched a series of handmade letterpress cards made by New North Press in Hoxton. Alistair Hall, Head of Design, explains the process.

Type at New North Press

“Letterpress is a traditional form of relief printing using wood and metal type blocks. It take a huge amount of skill and time, but the results are stunning, with a tactile quality which you just can’t get with modern printing methods. At the press they have a substantial library of type, both wooden and metal, which is set by hand and printed on Albion presses.

I went round to the press with the words he wanted to set, and worked with Richard and Graham to select the most appropriate sets of woodblock letters for the cards (based on the size and format of the cards, as well as the particular meanings of the words). Sometimes they’d find the perfect typeface, but realise it didn’t have enough blocks of a particular letter for the words they were setting, so they’d have to make another choice.

Once the letters were chosen, the individual letters were carefully spaced to look their best, and were then handprinted by Richard, Beatrice and Graham.”

The cards are available from Hoxton Street Monster Supplies at 159 Hoxton Street, online at and from our pop-up shop at the Somerset House Christmas Arcade.

To find out more about New North Press visit their website.

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