Andrew a character from Dead EndsAndrew is a young man trying to put his troubled past behind him. His mum Lou is proud that he has a chance at a new job and a new life. Andrew cares a lot for the people who are important to him.

Lou, a character from Dead EndsHairdresser Lou has a big personality. She believes in tough love, especially with her children, and can be over-protective.

Joe, a character from Dead EndsLou’s 14 year old son, Joe is just like any other teenager, trying to find his own way. He doesn’t know that Lou is keeping a big family secret from him.





Chloe, a character from Dead Ends

23 year old Chloe can be defensive and egotistic, but family is important to her. Since falling out with her own parents, Rosie is the only person she trusts. Unluckily for Chloe, she has fallen in love with a man she can’t have.

Greg, a character from Dead EndsWorkaholic Greg is always in a rush. Wealthy and extravagant, his wife doesn’t know he’s had an affair. His professional exterior hides a past lived in poverty.

Rosie, a character from Dead EndsRosie is sincere and homely. She treats Chloe like a daughter, looking after her and sometimes fighting her battles for her.





Penelope, a character in Dead Ends
Penelope, or Pen, is Joe’s friend and cares deeply for him. She is a shoplifter but when it comes to her friends, she can always be trusted. Pen discovers the secret that is troubling Lou – will she reveal it?

Terry, a character from Dead EndsGym supervisor Terry is a newcomer to Hoxton Street. He left his city to reinvent himself and escape from his ex-lover who was an older dominating woman. He becomes Andrew’s rival and is convinced that he is up to no good.







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