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Bigfoot Versus The Pigs

Author: Larch Class, Daubeney Primary School

Illustrator: Tom Smith

It was a dark and gloomy day. Bigfoot, who was a man from the future, was in his floating house. He was protected by a forcefield so that he could keep safe and his house wouldn’t get destroyed. He was hungry so he decided to take a risk and started wandering towards the restaurant.

Strolling in the city, Bigfoot had the nastiest fright in the world.

He had a horrible phobia of pigs and, unfortunately for him, New York was infested with them.

Meanwhile fairy dust appeared and started to chase him down the road and made a big slam while he was running away.

When he was running he met Faceless the Viking and his herd of pigs which came running towards him and started to chase him.

He tried to zoom back home but tripped over a rock and his massive head made him bounce into Magicland, which was his dream place to live.

He saw Faceless the Viking but when he turned around his face was a pig! He was a shapeshifter…

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