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The Adventures of Splodge and Persia

Author: Year 4, Lauriston Primary School

Illustrator: Lucas Catalan Galan

One day there was a magic star that fell from the sky and landed on a mountain.  The mountain exploded and it vanished. Persia was walking along the road and he saw the mountain crumbling.  Persia lived in an unusual house: it was a haunted house.

Out of the hole in the mountain, Splodge appeared.  He came out saying “I’m scared!”

“What happened to my home?”  he asked.  “What a strange world.”

Persia appeared and had a battle with Splodge because Splodge had kicked down the door of Persia’s house.  The door floated because it was a haunted house and a ghost was carrying it.

Splodge knew that Persia could do anything and was worried that he’d turn him into a circle.

Suddenly, Splodge turned into a circle and…


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