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The End of the World?

Author: Year 4, St. Jude's and St. Paul's

Illustrator: Anna Milovanova


In a dark gloomy rainforest, Edward woke up with a big surprise. All the trees in the rainforest had been cut down.

“Hey Paul!” Edward shouted.

“Okay, okay I’ll wake up!” said Paul.

Paul, the old man, couldn’t get up because he couldn’t find his stick. Suddenly Edward spotted it in the bush and finally brought it to Paul. But it was broken. When Edward went to pick up the stick, he found a calculator.

“Aaaah!” screamed Edward.

He realised the calculator would take away his powers. Edward jumped back in fear.

Luckily, Paul had a back-up stick in his bag. He used it to zap the calculator, which blew up and shot both Edward and Paul to the other end of the world…


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