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The Rabbit Ambush

Author: Year 5, St Mary Magdalene Academy

Illustrator: Yasemin Hazine

This started when Jim first flew into space. Without knowing why he was born with the power to fly.He lives in space and he is the best bagpipe player. He is Scottish and is scared of rabbits.

Jim met Bob at the International Space Station where he lived. Bob rolled downstairs and bumped into him while he was playing his bagpipes. “Oh my gosh I’m going to be flattened”, thought Jim. Jim accidentally lent into the gravity switch on the spacecraft.

Suddenly everything shot up into the air. This all happened before he could even say “Oops”. Panic set in when he realised he’d pressed the gravity switch. Just then a giant green man-eating rabbit came down on a rope from the ceiling followed by an army of smaller ones. The only way to defeat the man-eating rabbits was with water. The first thing that came into Jim’s mind was to pray to God to give him the answers to solve the problem. A beam of light shot down and left them with two pairs of gravity boots. They put the boots on and they waddled to the gravity switch. A meteor suddenly crashed down on the space station………….






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