Nurture the writer in every child

By donating your time, skills or money you can help more young people gain skills, confidence and self-respect. We rely on donations and grants from trusts, companies and people just like you.

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Our writing clubs and out-of-school projects are free for all – thanks to people like you.

No child should be excluded from the joy of creating and sharing their stories. That’s why we never charge for our after-school clubs, holiday projects or writing workshops.

That way, we can develop as many imaginations as possible, enhancing literacy skills and self-confidence for hundreds of children – while they have a blast.

The Ministry of Stories gave me the courage to read and write more

Michelle, age 8, St Monica’s RC Primary School

A donation from you would help us continue this invaluable work.

Your support means more children can discover their courage and creativity in an imaginative and supportive environment. It means more young writers can liberate their imaginations and come up with amazing rap lyricsdramatic climaxes and entire new countries.

Your support won’t just change the lives of individual children.

It helps us build a nation of articulate, creative, confident, literate writers and storytellers. Young people who can become the lifeblood of the future.

What your gift acheives

Even a modest monthly gift makes a huge difference.

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£3 / month

It’s no more than the cost of a coffee, but if enough people give £3 a month we might just change the world. Bargain.

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£20 / month

Listen to the difference your donation makes to children like David, aged 11: ‘I think my writing has changed. In school I have been getting better grades and have learnt how I can help other people with their writing.’ Not bad for £20.

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£50 / month

This is life-changing stuff, as you’ll be giving more and more local children access to our after-school clubs. Just ten workshop sessions can transform a child’s confidence, ability and enthusiasm about writing and reading. And that can make a profound difference to their future.

However you can help, it helps

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Make a donation

Support us every month by direct debit, or with a one-off donation. £3 per month or £3000 per year – it all makes a difference. You’ll help keep our creative writing workshops going with local children, making a lasting difference to lives in east London.

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Fundraise for us

It’s not just about running marathons and climbing mountains, there are lots of easy ways to raise money for Ministry of Stories.

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Corporate giving

If you represent a company who would like to donate, that would be okay too! We are looking for local and national business support so we can continue helping children of Hackney, Islington and Tower Hamlets. You will be making a huge difference to the community – YOUR community.

Our supporters

The Ministry honours all those who have served and supported our storytelling mission. We’re grateful to all our advocates, our Ministers, our members, our corporate partners and all the other people who have supported the Ministry of Stories.

Individual supporters

Every donation big or small makes a difference to the children we work with. So thanks to you all!

First Minister
Nick Hornby

Minister for Fluency
Colin Firth

Minister for Literary Pleasures and Sorrows
Alain de Botton

Minister of Many Colours
Peter Usborne

Minister for the Upbeat and Feelgood
Kristina Knoll

Minister for the Sinister
Chris Ward

Most Excellent Guardian of the Limerick
Jim Leaviss

Ministers for Edgar Allen Poe and all his books
James and Jane Wilson

Minister for Pencil Sharpenings
Cornelia Parker

Nibmaster General
Mark Stevenson

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Tags
Joe Hallgarten

Master of Monsters’ Staples
Paul Bennun

Minister for Turquoise Pens
Frances Booth

Joint Secretaries of State for Nice New Notebooks
Hannah Pennell and Richard Young

Minister for Expensive Book Binding
Martin Schoernig


Our other very lovely donors:

Heidi and Carlo Baravalle

Peter Barron

Carol Campili

Régis Cochefert

James and Miriam Douglas

Ivan Gazidis

Tim Stumpff and Jeannie Latenser

Sarah Macnab

David Nicholls

Lisa Noel

Anne Patterson-Finn

Lori Fields and Martin Risinger

Maureen Smith


…and all our members and donors who wish to remain anonymous.

To find out how donations help inspire a nation of young storytellers, and how you could be a part of the Ministry’s future, please email the team at

Corporate Supporters

We work with many local and national businesses who offer their expertise, their time, their staff and, importantly, donations.

The following companies currently support our story mission;

Penguin Random House


BIC (stationery)

Usborne Publishing


We Made This


And the creators and supporters of the Hoxton Half…

THE CRM Agency

Digital Doughnut



Major Publishing

Mojo Publishing (Raring2go!)


At the Ministry of Stories we are grateful to everyone who supports our storytelling mission. We are extremely proud to be supported by the following funders.

Arts Council, England

The Youth Investment Fund – Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and the Big Lottery Fund

Clore Duffield Foundation

Driver Youth Trust

Equitable Charitable Trust


Niniski Trust

Paul Hamlyn Foundation

The Robert Gavron Charitable Trust



Pearson Foundation

The Mercers’ Company

The Goldsmiths’ Company

Ernest Cook Trust

Tom ap Rhys Pryce Memorial Trust

Derwent London Community Fund

The Breadsticks Foundation

Newman’s Own Foundation



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