We help young people develop new skills and achieve their potential, by inspiring them to change their lives through writing.

Through our innovative storytelling and writing workshops, children gain confidence, grow in self-respect and learn new skills. They discover their own creative potential.

And our publishing platforms make sure their voices are heard.

Our learning model

We’re inspired by young people, and we aim to inspire them in turn. Our work is guided by some fundamental principles:

  • Children in charge. We allow young people’s imaginations to take the lead.
  • Professional. We involve professional writers in designing and delivering our workshops.
  • One-to-one. Our trained volunteer mentors provide individual support for young writers.
  • Educational partners. We work in partnership with schools and teachers.
  • Purposeful. We’re always working towards sharing, publishing or producing the work.
  • Neighbourhood. We create a space in the community where creativity can flourish.

These are fundamental to the design of our programmes for local schools and our out-of-school writing clubs.

The result are workshops that get young people excited about writing and have proven to powerfully motivate disengaged students.

Share More Air was a song-writing project that resulted in an album released by Communion Records.

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One-to-one mentoring

Our trained writing mentors provide one-to-one mentoring for young people, focused on creative writing and imaginative stories.

They help children develop language and communication skills, giving them greater confidence – in education and in life.

All our volunteers are DBS checked and trained in safeguarding procedures. You’re in good hands.

Our approach works

We measure the impact of our work, to make sure it does what we say it will.

In its first six months, our programme was evaluated qualitatively by external consultants, and proved a success with teachers and pupils.

  • On average, 100% of primary teachers surveyed rated the Ministry of Stories as a very successful learning environment, engaging children and producing high quality writing.
  • 97% of pupils surveyed rated the experience positively.

One teacher said:

‘I think the session really helped those children who struggled with confidence when it came to writing. They were able to produce something really special that they were proud of and help them to realise they are all good writers.’

(For further information on ‘A Whole Mind of Writing: Evaluation Report 2010/11’ by Hannah Wilmot, contact us.)

We also commissioned a three-year longitudinal research evaluation of all our programmes by the Institute of Education. You can read about the report here, and more about our impact here.