The Ministry of Stories is an imaginative space and community that supports and inspires young people to write.

They run innovative storytelling and writing workshops in disadvantaged areas that empower young people’s imaginations and build confidence, self-respect and communication skills. They then provide a publishing platform so their voices and stories are heard.

The Ministry of Stories journey starts when the fearless and inquisitive enter into Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, purveyor of household and fancy goods to every imaginable monster, and seek the secret door that leads to the Ministry.

Once inside, the magic begins and children and young people can get involved in writing activities that range from poetry and prose to play scripts, screenplays, journalism, graphic novels, songwriting, and anything else that their creativity can inspire.

The Ministry of Stories believes in inspiring children and young people to find their voice, and constantly challenges expectations and aspirations, from the moment that the secret door in Hoxton Street Monster supplies is found. A key feature of the way that the Ministry of Stories works is to inspire whole communities to get involved in children’s development – the 500 strong team of volunteers, many from the local community, work together to make this a reality.

Above all else, the Ministry is very clear on one thing – it takes fun seriously.

Inspired by American novelist Dave Eggers’ 826 movement, the Ministry of Stories is part of growing network of international centres and is expanding its own network within the UK. Founded in 2010 by author Nick Hornby, Lucy Macnab and Ben Payne, over the last 5 years has hosted thousands of children in workshops facilitated by volunteers including writers, teachers, local people and artists.

The Ministry of Stories exists to champion the writer in every child, and to do this it must actively fundraise to ensure it can continue its work into the future. Current funders include Arts Council London and a number of other charitable trusts, individuals and sponsors. For a comprehensive list and to learn more about ways to donate, please see our Support Us pages.

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