Bridge Academy students deliver speeches at Houses of Parliament

Young people from Hackney will have their say on issues from housing to gender equality when they deliver their speeches in Parliament on 30 January 2018 as part of Speak Up with the Ministry of Stories.

The Speak Up programme promotes young people’s confidence in public speaking and active citizenship. Young writers from Bridge Academy have crafted moving and passionate speeches with the help of poet Keith Jarrett and a team of volunteer writing mentors.

After a backstage tour of the Houses of Parliament, students will deliver their speeches to an audience of MPs and activists from relevant fields. Meg Hillier, MP for Hackney South and Shoreditch, attended the Speak Up event in June 2017, and was so impressed that she offered one of the young people involved work experience in her office.

Lucy Macnab, Director of Ministry of Stories, said: ‘This is an opportunity for students to see that their thoughts and words matter in the real world. We are proud to partner with Parliament’s Education Service to give these young citizens a platform from which to be heard’.

The Ministry of Stories and Parliament’s Education Service created Speak Up in 2015. Since then, almost 100 young people from Hackney have visited the Houses of Parliament to deliver speeches. Speak Up is supported by Driver Youth Trust, Breadsticks Foundation and Arts Council, England. Bridge Academy also works in partnership with UBS.

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