Monster Monologues

17 June 2016

A series of comic short films exploring the lives of monsters – written by local young people from the Ministry of Stories and featuring Charlie Higson and BAFTA winner Georgina Campbell – will premiere at Hackney Attic next week.

It’s not always easy being a monster, as the young people at Ministry of Stories (MoS) discovered when they were asked to create comic monologues based on the lives of Werewolves, Hydras and Vampires.

The challenge was part of a creative wiring project run by the charity, which aims to help young people discover the joy of writing and develop their skills and confidence.

Using the monsters as inspiration, the group created imaginative plot lines including a home counties vampire housewife, a teenage YouTuber with a rather hairy problem around the full moon and a witch, whose efforts on Masterchef seem to inexplicably end up poisoning everyone.

Once the monologues were written, the team worked with top directors – including Dan Hodgson, 2016 Palme D’Or and Will McGregor, BAFTA winner for BBC’s Poldark – and actors – including Charlie Higson and BAFTA winner Georgina Campbell – to bring their work to life.

Emma Joliffe, MoS Creative Learning Manager, said: “Putting young people’s imaginations in the driving seat has led to some really original, thoughtful and very funny work. It has also been a joy to see the young writers develop, working creatively and collaboratively with peers and professionals to craft their writing.”

The films are now fresh from the cutting room and ready for their inaugural screening at Hackney Picturehouse. The event will be introduced by actor and writer Riz Ahmed and followed by a Q&A featuring some of the young writers and members of the creative teams.

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