Dead Ends

Young writers at the Ministry of Stories wrote a soap opera inspired by Hoxton Street with help of one of Eastenders’ lead writers.

Dead Ends was created by eight talented young writers through a series of after-school workshops during summer 2012.

Working with the input of Eastenders lead writer, Pete Lawson, and the support of our volunteer writing mentors, the writing team devised and scripted four 5-minute episodes of a new soap opera inspired by Hoxton Street. 

Watch all four episodes

Dead Ends follows the stories of Andrew, a young man trying to put his troubled past behind him; his mother, Lou, who has a dark family secret to guard; and the hapless Chloe, a local girl who has fallen in love with a man that she can’t have.

These individual stories combine towards a dramatic and shocking climax.

The making of Dead Ends

One of its writers, Jack, reflected on the process of making Dead Ends:

‘While my fellow writers and I were writing we decided to base the soap on the local area around the Ministry Of Stories … Hoxton Street (Shoreditch).

In order to get to the MAGNIFICENT final script we went through millions of draft copies that had good scenes – that I was sad to let go of – but also bad ones – which I was more than happy to see go (even ones that I wrote – I’m not perfect!).

Even once we had come up with our final copy we discovered a certain scene said the same thing twice. So it was back to the drawing board. But what we finished with we all (including the chief) found amazing.’

Actors on set of Dead Ends (photo: Darren Zlatareff)

‘Andrew’ and ‘Joe’ on set of Dead Ends

Special thanks to…

Dead Ends was co-produced by Ministry of Stories with Four Corners. It was directed by Charlotte George.

Thanks also to our young writers, Pete Lawson and all our volunteer writing mentors.

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