Picture books

Children from our writing club with St John the Baptist collaborated with professional illustrators to bring their wonderful stories for under 5s to life. The young authors’ published works have been deposited in the British Library.

Illustration from Dragon Park

Dragon Park by Caleb Hunter, illustrated by Callum Robertson

Dragon Park is a story of Remy and his pet mouse, who get a strange letter inviting them to a place called Dragon Park. They meet Icy Stomper, Bee Dragon and a host of other colourful characters.

Young writers from our after school club on a Tuesday were each paired with a professional illustrator. The children were aged 7-11 and wrote for under 6s. The finished picture books were published in a very limited edition. You can borrow each of the 11 books from Shoreditch Library or the Ministry of Stories.

“When I was writing my story, because it was a children’s book, for children under the age of 6, I was trying to put my thoughts into all the small children I’ve met and what they would enjoy. I realised that when my little brother was watching TV he really enjoyed when fruits were talking to each other. So I used that and I created Andre, who is a piece of French Toast. My little brother said he liked it, and now he really likes reading.” Nmeso, aged 10.

Cover of Andre has a hard time

Nmeso’s mother Bridget said, “As a mother, I am really proud of him. At this age, to have a book in his name, that is a big achievement. When he gets to secondary school, he can always look back on that achievement. The foundation is laid.”

A big thanks to all our volunteer illustrators.

Volunteer illustrators posing with their books

Thanks also to all our volunteer writing mentors. We hope to repeat the project in the future.

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