Speak Up

Speak Up supports young people to craft a speech on an issue they feel passionate about and deliver it at the Houses of Parliament.

We’ve had speeches on local and global topics, from housing and homelessness in Hackney to modern slavery in Libya.

Watch a speech

After delivering her speech, Hafizah went on to get work experience in the office of Meg Hillier, MP for Hackney South and Shoreditch. Read about Hafizah’s experience

Listen to Alaz talk about the process and give his top speech writing tips.

From the students


“I didn’t speak in front of my class, let alone an audience, so the programme helped me with my confidence…Now I volunteer myself to speak when we do class projects.” – Halime


“I learnt that my voice can be heard.” – Rolly


From the teachers


“It’s a really good way of engaging the children and thinking about current affairs and why they should speak out” – Jennifer Lindsey, Bridge Academy


Behind the scenes

Young people work with poet educators Keith Jarrett and Miriam Nash and a team of volunteer writing mentors over ten weeks. Keith Jarrett co-developed the programme with the Ministry of Stories at Bridge Academy in Hackney.

We partner with Parliament’s Education Service to bring our young writers to parliament.

In the media

Speak Up in The Guardian

Hackney Citizen covered our visit to parliament in January 2018:

Teaching resource

Teachers, youth workers and arts facilitators, download our Speak Up teaching pack to support young people’s speech writing.

Special thanks to

Driver Youth Trust, Breadsticks Foundation, Arts Council England and our individual supporters who help fund this programme. Thanks to Keith Jarrett, Bridge Academy, Parliament’s Education Service and all our volunteer writing mentors.

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