We pride ourselves on helping to build a strong community.

If your business is local you are a part of that community too and can make a real difference to the lives of people who you shop alongside or pass on the bus everyday.

Whether you are local or a national business a partnership with Ministry of Stories can help us, but also help you.

While we put your money to good use helping young people discover their creativity and growing their self belief you can benefit too.

Every partnership is bespoke but can include the following;

  • Branding on our website
  • Branding within the Ministry building
  • A press release to our contacts about your involvement
  • A chance for your staff to get involved in volunteering
  • A creative writing workshop for your staff to help discover their creativity
  • Invitations to exclusive events with authors
  • Invitations to events to see children sharing their writing  

To discuss how your business can help us and benefit from a partnership with the Ministry of Stories email or get in touch here.