You can help us by donating items that support our work.

The Ministry of Stories was built on volunteer power, donations and goodwill. Offering gifts-in-kind, equipment, stationery or even services is another great way to help us with our work.

We always have a long list of things that would make life better. And make story telling much much easier.

Our wishlist

  • An iPad to help inventory our sales at Monster Supplies
  • reams of copier paper
  • catering for an event
  • a venue for an event
  • children’s dictionaries
  • a pair of dentures
  • board/card games for children
  • tea and coffee
  • second hand (or new) small Mac computer
  • pencils, pencils and more pencils

Contact us if you can help with any of our wishlist items.

Amazon: An easy way to give

Another great way to help us is to visit our wishlist page on Amazon for an easy and convenient way to give us super useful items.

Our thanks to you all!